Where the water will go...Gallons Per Day

Goforth Special Utility District (SUD) provides the water to a vast area of the unincorporated areas of Hays County (and portions of Caldwell and Travis counties) east of IH-35 and north of the City of Kyle. The entity began as a water supply corporation, much like the Wimberley Water Supply Corporation or the Dripping Springs Water Supply Corporation. But in 2007, it sought legislation to change its status to a “Special Utility District” that gave it greater powers, including the right of eminent domain. Goforth SUD is governed by a board of 7 elected members.

Goforth SUD currently serves approximately 4,200 customers but its area is growing rapidly. Walton International is currently developing a 1,460 acre subdivision outside of Niederwald. In addition, Goforth SUD serves the Sunfield MUD located to the east of Buda. This development covers 2,790 acres. The Clark Wilson Anthem subdivision outside of Mountain City is less than 700 acres in size.

Goforth SUD was the first client of Electro Purification, signing a contract with EP on February 14, 2013 - over two years ago. Goforth is also the largest single client of Electro Purification with a contract for 3 million gallons of water a day, or over 1 billion gallons per year from the Trinity Aquifer. The second client of Electro Purification, Clark Wilson of the Anthem Subdivision, signed his contract less than 3 months ago on November 12, 2014.

Goforth’s contract with Electro Purification (unlike the others) extends their powers of eminent domain for the construction of the pipeline necessary to transport the water pumped from the Trinity east to Electro Purification’s clients. Electro Purification, as a private company, does NOT have the power of eminent domain. So Goforth has kindly “loaned” their powers to Electro Purification for this purpose by taking on the responsibility of acquiring the pipeline easements from the property owners along Fm 3237 and FM 150 and farther east to Goforth’s delivery point near Dry Hole Road and IH-35.

Without Goforth SUD's willingness to abuse their power of eminent domain, the pipeline could not be constructed by Electro Purification. And the water from the Trinity Aquifer could not be transported to their “customers.”

According to a statement issued by the President of the Board on January 29, 2015: “Goforth has spent considerable time and resources confirming the viability of the project, and we believe in it. We have confidence that the project developer is undertaking a responsible project that will provide a reliable and secure source of water supply. Further, Goforth has received repeated assurances that the project will not adversely affect neighboring landowners, and we have confidence that if there were any such affects, the project developer would remedy those issues.”

We do not share in Goforth President Debbie Sandoval’s confidence that the Electro Purification project will have no adverse impact on adjacent well owners or the sustainability of the Trinity Aquifer in Hays County.